Xuhui district child caregiver

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Xuhui district child caregiver-lejia feifan Conduct international training for domestic staff.

Since the reform and opening up, housekeeping service has been a new industry with the prosperity of urban economy, the rapid development of urban construction, the rise of urban communities and the continuous expansion of residents' living needs. According to statistics, housekeeping service is one of the industries with rapid market growth in recent years and a high degree of market activity.

Differences between live-in nannies and live-out nannies: One, live-in nanny Live-in nanny, as the name suggests, is a live-in nanny who lives in an employer's home 24/7. Such baby-sitter suits the baby-sitter that a few need person to take care of for a long time, but the baby-sitter that live in has certain requirement to the family of employer, live above all baby-sitter, the room that needs to have to live in the family of employer, and the problem that employer should arrange good board and lodging for baby-sitter. If these arrangements are inconvenient, live-in nannies may be the answer. Two, not living nanny Live-in nannies, live-in nannies are now divided into three types: 12-hour nannies, 8-hour nannies and 5-hour nannies. There are three different types of nannies we can choose according to the time we need. If we have time to take care of children or people in the evening, the 8-hour type of nannies who are not living at home are more suitable for us.

We uphold the concept of serving customers, always pay attention to the personalized needs of modern families, put customer needs in the first place, with our sincere, professional, love, to provide you with quality and intimate housekeeping services, let our service such as spring shower every customer, let our concept such as the sun shining on every family.


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    Pudong new area househelper

    househelper_Huiwei education originates from the concept of housekeeping in Singapore, and provides international training for housekeeping staff.

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    Baoshan district ayi

    ayi_lejia feifan Conduct international training for domestic staff.

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    乐家菲凡引入可视化、智能化的管理体系,确保家政人员拥有you秀的综合素质和高水平的服务,从而让每个家庭得到专业贴心的一站式家庭服务。br /

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    Pudong new area nanny

    nanny_Huiwei education has a complete set of perfect housekeeping management system and service mode.

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    乐家菲凡为迎合现代国际化家庭的高端需求, 率先引入国外先进成熟的家政服务模式。我们立志成为家政行业典范,旨在打造高端专业的家政团队。br /